Course Purpose

National Security Strategy Report cover 2006.

This course is intended to provide all national security professionals baseline information on U.S. national security objectives, structures, and processes. This course covers a wide-range of national security missions and focuses on organizations and processes that are cross-cutting and require significant interagency coordination. Emphasis has been placed on describing the interagency aspects of national security, including challenges and lessons for improved coordination. At the end of the course, national security professionals should have an increased understanding of their role and the need for interagency collaboration.

Many national security professionals may already have familiarity or expertise in one or more national security mission areas, which may or may not include their home agency's national security mission. This course does not cover any one specific national security topic in depth. However, it does provide links to resources containing more detailed information and is a tool for identifying knowledge gaps. National security professionals should use the additional resources provided in this course to increase their overall understanding of the national security system and seek advanced courses on particular national security topics through their home organization or by accessing the National Security Professional Development website. Note: the links provided throughout this course are meant to be additional information and are not included in the estimated time to complete each lesson.

U.S. national security objectives, structures, and processes continue to evolve, so it is recommended that all national security professionals review this course on a yearly basis to receive updated information.